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rs after the triple suicide bombings ▓shocked the Ataturk International Airport. The latest death toll stands at 36, with nearly 150 others injured. Turkey's prime minister Binali Yildirim says ISIL may be behind the attack.>> The UK reassures normal business environment a▓fter Brexit voteBritish Business Minister Sajid Javid hosted a meeting of busi

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ness organisa▓tions and representatives from▓ Britain's largest trade sectors, aiming to reassure them it was business as usual in the country and with the EU. >> US, ROK, Japan hold first anti-D▓PRK missile drillSouth Korea, J▓a

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pan and the US has held an unprecedented t▓rilateral missile

defence exer▓cise. The trilateral drill in waters off Haw

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aii came less than a week after the DPRK flight-tested a powerful new medium-range balli▓stic missile, and in

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